Teacher Training

Teacher Training

The focus of our Teacher Training is for students to learn and have a good understanding of the Yoga poses so that they build a firm foundation in their own Yoga practice. We believe it is important for one to first have a good knowledge of Yoga Asanas and philosophy before teaching others. When the body has experienced and learnt, wisdom comes. Confidence in yourself and the confidence to teach naturally follows. The curriculum is based on the traditional Hatha Yoga balanced with the needs of today’s men and women. It is a completely revolutionalized program that will inspire one to diligently practice Yoga and over time be able to teach anyone of any age and flexibility. In this Teacher Training, we will touch on all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual facets of Yoga and how it can be applied to our lives such that Yoga becomes a part of our lives. The practice of Yoga has to be done with a sincere heart, a love and passion for Yoga. The teaching of Yoga has to be done with care, compassion and responsibility. Learn Yoga the correct way to have good health and positive attitude.

What is covered in this Teacher Training?

  • In depth study of Asanas and Pranayamas for thorough understanding and teaching.
  • Yoga Philosophy and its infusion to modern life.
  • Class sequencing that is safe and maximizes your class’s energy level yet calming for the mind.
  • Study of Human anatomy and physiology that is applicable to Yoga practice and teaching.
  • Teaching methodology – Correct speech and behavior when teaching, how to arrange the class, how to demo.
  • Effective use of props such as chairs, ropes, belts, blocks and blankets to improve Yoga practice.
  • How to deal with common body problems.

Why choose this Teacher Training?

  • The principal teachers, Riana Singgih and Suzan Andyanto, have conducted many teacher trainings in Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan and across China in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Jinan.
  • The curriculum is borne out of Riana’s rich personal experience and knowledge. Riana believes in doing Yoga with the least amount of strain by coordinating the mind, breath and body movements. Yoga for her is a way of understanding the meaning of life, how our mind patterns and emotions affect our movements rather than just a physical practice.
  • Personal supervision to your Yoga practice and your progress as a student and teacher.
  • Clear, concise teaching method and tools to help you grasp the subject.
  • Asana demonstrations with instructions done by principal teachers.

Who is this TEACHER TRAINING for?

It is for anyone who believes in Yoga, wants to deepen their practice and believes in its transformative power to change and better your life and the lives of people around you.

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