Therapeutic Session

Therapeutic Session Private Class Corporate Session Yoga in School

Therapeutic Session

Therapeutic Session is an effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. These sessions are classes, which deal primarily with problem areas in the body that needs special attention.

It heals parts of our bodies that have been injured or traumatized by performing various yoga movements, sequencing of the poses and alignment of bones, muscles, joints, nerves and blood vessels. Supported and stabilized by various props like blankets, bolsters, blocks and belts, one experiences the therapeutics session as greatly relaxing and deeply rejuvenating, raising a natural state of healing rest and calmness.

Our teachers are certified and trained to ease students with various health conditions such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck pain, spondylosis
  • Shoulder pain, Frozen shoulder
  • Scoliosis
  • Insomnia
  • Indigestion
  • Irregular, painful and heavy menstrual cycles
  • General health concerns

Therapeutic Session is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress

Private Class

Private Class is the perfect way to learn NEW things, get further in your current postures, and stay on track with your goals. It is also helpful for those who have specific health concerns. Public class is not always the suitable arena for a teacher to introduce dynamic and variations poses or meditations as certain techniques are not right for everyone.

However with Individual Class and personal training, your instructor can tailor your practice to meet your specific needs and teach the practices that are right for you at this moment and help you meet your goals. You can choose your own time and day of practicing either in our fully equipped studio or in the comfort of your home or at your designated location.

Individual Group Class Alternatively you can have an Individual Group Class where it gives you the opportunity to work with one of our instructors in private and in a small group. The group could be you and your family or a couple of your friends. Practicing with friends and families has been beneficial to some, as it provides you with extra support and motivation.

Corporate Session

Corporate Session is a great opportunity to bring the ageless practices of Yoga into the office. A program can be tailored to the needs of your company, school or office, which could be weekly classes, a workshop or a retreat. Yoga in your workplace is more than just exercise and relaxation. It is a complete mind-body program!

The common whines of today’s life are sleeplessness or insomnia due to working pressure, hectic and stressful lives. Ironically, scientific and technological advances have increased our stress level rather than reduce it.

To effectively combat stress, we need to activate the body’s natural relaxation response and you can do this by practicing relaxation techniques through yoga practice.

Performing Yoga on a regular basis helps to promote your whole-body wellness - both physically and psychologically, without any imbalances. This creates perfect harmony between the mind, body and the universe around you. It is also helps to make the body feels more energized, and ready to tackle the most stressful day with tranquility.

Practicing yoga postures improves blood circulation throughout the body, nourishing all your organs, tissues and nerves. It is also can improve the quality of your sleep. Certain poses affect the nervous system and balance the hormones in your brain, which can normalize your sleep cycle.

Yoga in School

Yoga In School ensures children develop good habits, relieve their stress and live life energetically. When yoga is incorporated into a child’s routine, it impacts her/his whole being, both physically and emotionally. Children are naturally active, and being physically fit allows them to feel comfortable in all manner of physical activities, therefore feeling more confident around their peers.

The combination of postures and breathing exercises enhances children to become more focused and centered, achieving control of over their bodies and minds, thus in general, increased of self-control. Being able to control their own reactions and emotions will assist children in becoming more confident. The self-control taught through a yoga practice extends to the children’s day-to-day life, and prepares them to face challenging emotional situations without panic, fear or loss of self-control.

Children by nature have a tremendous amount of energy and they are born with a competitive nature. It is essential that their energy be channeled properly to build a robust, healthy and confident individual.

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